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 I have been a clinical social worker since 1989.  I have worked in school-based settings, community-based treatment facilities and in private practice in my career.  

My experience as a clinician has taught me many things.  First among them is to always listen thoroughly to what is being said, no matter who is speaking and no matter what is being said.  In addition, I believe that my job is to provide a safe and supportive environment so that the difficult work of change can be achieved.  I also strive to provide a completely safe and accepting environment.  I serve all communities and have experience helping people of all types.  This includes the LGBTQ community as well as POC and religious and cultural minorities.

I always strive to offer the totality of my experiences in my sessions.  I draw from my training, my clinical experience with past patients and clients and from experiences in my personal and family life when I believe that will be helpful to the patient.

The sessions are always first and foremost about the client and what brings that person, couple or family to my office.  I take a supportive and strategic approach to my work , so that clients feel that they have something they can take away from each session to practice and use on their own as they move toward completing the goals they have identified.

In addition to my clinical work, I also am a professional bass guitarist, gigging regularly with other professional musicians in the DC metro area. I also own and operate a top-rated guitar repair shop. 

I am married and I have 3 amazing children who range from high school age to adult.  My wife of 20+ years is a constant source of support and inspiration for me and for our kids.  Family life has brought me great joy and unbelievable experiences that have helped me grow as a parent, husband and as a clinician.

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