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I offer a full array of therapy and counseling services, all conducted in a safe and comfortable setting.


Individual therapy is the most commonly chosen form of therapy.  My sessions offer you the place you need to explore the problems, heartaches, sorrows and successes that we all experience.  Sometimes we need extra support, or need the guidance and ideas that an expert is able to provide. I use Cognitive Behavioral techniques as well as many other strategies to help you.  Maybe you need strategic and specific ideas or maybe you need someone to listen, offer support, and gently guide you to resolution.  I have a variety of approaches to the problems that bring people to therapy.

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Family therapy is something I've done and believed in since day one of my career.  Yes, its hard to do and many people avoid it or even dread it.  I know that despite it being one of the most difficult forms of therapy, it gets the results that people seek when they come for therapy.



I often tell people that couples therapy is the most powerful therapy modality, and is also the most difficult.  Many couples wait until their relationship is nearly beyond repair before coming in.  It is often said that the couples therapist is the one who holds hope for the couple, even if the couple has very little hope.  As long as both of the individuals want to still be in the relationship, then there is much to be gained in couples therapy.

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